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Top 10 Reasons to Tutor an Eastover Student


img_658410. Fun: Tutoring and mentoring students is a fun way to give back to Eastover and help our talented students succeed.

9. Minimal Time Commitment & Maximum Impact: It only requires a commitment of 30 minutes a week to help a student.

8. A Child Knows You Care: Children learn more than just reading or math; they learn you care about them.

7. Smiles to Brighten Your Day: Our students love their tutors – and they offer the BEST smiles when you arrive.

6. Flexible Schedules: Pick the day and time that works with your schedule! There are lots of options.

5. Sharing the Love of Learning: Enjoy sharing the love of learning with children and instill this love for a lifetime.

4. Wonderful Students: See first-hand how lucky our school is to have such wonderful students at Eastover.

3. Making a Difference: You will feel good knowing you are giving a child the extra help they need to succeed.

2. You Just Need You: All resources are provided by Eastover staff and teachers. All you need is yourself.

1. Friendships: The number one reason to be an Eastover mentor or tutor is the lasting impact you make through building friendships with students – and teachers and other volunteers!

Please contact Kelly Davis to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!



In Their Own Words

Quotes from Students & Tutors

“The consistent time you spend with the child you are tutoring seems to mean so much. They learn more than just reading or math when you’re there every week listening to them, helping them, caring about them.” – Eastover Volunteer Tutor

“I loved working with my tutor. She was so nice and she taught me a lot of good books.” – Eastover Student

“I love the relationships that are built with each student I have tutored. [One of my favorite students] who I started with in kindergarten is now in high school. It is amazing I’ve known him for so long and incredible things keep happening!” – Eastover Tutor